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Buy Soludos Shoes for Women Online

Constructed from eco-friendly jute that’s 100% bio-degradable and recyclable, Soludos shoes are an excellent choice for those looking for a guilt-free shoe. The brand was created in 2010 in New York, and to this day, all Soludos shoes for women are hand stitched for a unique, natural style.

Natural Style and Comfort Combined

Our available options include options that combine natural style and comfort with ease, including:

-Soludos smoking slipper – Our Soludos selection includes a number of smoking slippers, ranging from sand to light pink in colour
-Soludos espadrilles – Soludos espadrilles are a comfortable option for those looking for a lace-free shoe that’s easy to slip on and off
-Soludos flats – Soludos flats are a dream to walk in, making them ideal for comfort seekers

Please note – to prolong the life of Soludos shoes, it’s recommended that they’re not worn in rainy weather, as jute can deteriorate when it becomes wet.