Care Instructions

We want you to enjoy your M DREAMS products for as long as possible, so here are some tips on how to take care of them.

PVC / Plastic
- As Melissa / Mel & Mini Melissa are made from Melflex PVC they are super easy to clean. We recommend you use a soft damp cloth and mild soap to remove any marks or dirt. 
- Do not rub aggressively or use an abrasive substance or cloth as this may damage the finish. If you have a particularly stubborn mark you can try Eucalyptus oil, however care must be taken and only a small amount used, as too much will damage the finish and can remove the gloss finish on a gloss style.

Espadrilles / Jute
- The soles of Soludos shoes are made from jute, which is a natural fibre. As such, the Soludos jute sole does not cope well with water and will deteriorate if worn in wet weather. We recommend to not wear your Soludos in the rain and stay clear of water when wearing them. To clean your Soludos we recommend you use a soft damp cloth with mild soap on a fabric upper and a leather cleaner for leather uppers.

Leather / Synthetic
- For leather shoes we recommend that you spray your shoes with a suitable leather protector before wearing. To clean your shoes, use a leather cleaner and a damp cloth to lift dirt or water stains. To make your soles brand new again, particularly white soles, use a soft damp cloth with a mild soap.
- For tougher stains we suggest using a very soft bristle brush such as an old toothbrush and a very gentle rubbing action to help lift the stain. After cleaning, don’t forget to protect your shoes once again with leather spray.
- For synthetic or fabric styles we recommend using a soft damp cloth and for more stubborn marks add a mild soap.

- To clean, wipe with a clean, damp cloth or for a more intensive clean a cold hand wash.
- Air dry, please DO NOT Machine Wash.

To keep your jewellery in good condition, please follow these care instructions:
- Store in a jewellery box or pouch.
- Avoid water as it will cause discolouration.
- Avoid directly spraying jewellery with hair spray / perfume or any other chemicals.
- Wear and store delicate pieces with care.
- Lots of love can slightly tarnish your jewellery, a silver cloth will help shine it up like new.