Dreamer Rewards






Welcome to Dreamer Rewards, where you get to dream big and be rewarded for shopping!


As a valued Dreamer member, you will receive:


*  A $25 Dreamer Voucher each time your accumulated spend reaches $250.


*  Access to exclusive VIP member events and special deals.


*  Advance notification of product launches, sales promotions and events through our email updates. 





Each time you make a purchase at M DREAMS, either in-store or online, you earn points.  It's simple 1 dollar = 1 point.  There is NO time or transaction limit when accumulating your points.


When your total spend reaches $250 or 250 points - we will send you a $25 dreamer voucher by email. The voucher will be valid for 1 month from the date of the email and is redeemable through our retail and online stores.  250 points will then be deducted and any residual points remain to then give you a head start in reaching your next 250 points!  This process continues for as long as you wish to earn $25 dreamer vouchers.


Each month M DREAMS will review your points balance and send out Dreamer vouchers.


It is rewarding and simple $250 = 250 points = $25 dreamer voucher.  Sound good?  We think so too!





Vouchers are applied at $250 intervals.  If you reach a $1000 / 1000 point spend then a $100 Dreamer voucher will be sent.  This increases with each $250 interval, with a $1500 spend equalling a $150 voucher and so on.  Once again any residual points remains in your balance and counts towards your next spend.





You automatically become a Dreamer Member when you purchase from us online or sign up in-store with one of our staff.  All purchases are allocated to your account and points begin to accrue.  Please use the same email address across all points of contact to ensure one account is created and all points accrue within that account.  Please also let us know immediately if your email address should change.


You can check your Dreamer points online through your account portal on our website when you create an online account.  Just go to the Dreamer Rewards tab within your account and your points will show at the top of the page.  Alternatively, when in-store you can ask one of our store staff to look up your points balance on the system.


Please be aware that it takes 24 hours for NEW Dreamer members to be able to view their points balance via the online portal or in-store via one of our staff.  It also takes 24 hours for your in-store account to sync with your online account.   



DREAM IN COLOUR and see you at M DREAMS!






Points are earned on purchases in-store and online.


Points are earned on cash and card transactions only. All purchases via the redemption of a Dreamer Voucher, Credit Voucher or Gift Card are exempt from earning points.


Dreamer vouchers can be redeemed in-store and online on full price and sale products.


Dreamer vouchers are strictly valid for 1 month from the date of issue. The date of expiry cannot be extended and any voucher presented that falls outside this one month period will be deemed expired.


Dreamer vouchers are not exchangeable, transferable or redeemable for cash and are only redeemable at M DREAMS stores within Australia & online at mdreamsshoes.com.


Dreamer vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift cards.